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80/20 RULE

As a personal trainer, my clients often ask me; “Carrie, what is the secret? How do I keep at the top of my game while juggling the whoas of everyday life?”  My answer is always the same: live by the 80/20 rule.  Gillian McKeith lays out how to live by the 80/20 rule in her book You Are What You Eat.  This book transformed my outlook on health and fitness.  While I am committed to looking and feeling my best through sports and fitness, I have an unwavering love for the indulgences that make life special.  I love good food, wine, and dessert!  By following this philosophy myself and many of my clients have become living proof that having a shredded and healthy body does not mean completely giving up the indulgences we love so much.  Life and specifically fitness is all about balance.  

The 80/20 rule works as follows: 80% of nutrition and fitness decisions should be healthy– committing to the workout, eating well, practicing mindfulness.  The remaining 20% can be reserved for indulging– having a glass of wine with dinner, giving into that pasta craving, having that piece of chocolate cake on occasion.   There are a few ways to enact the 80/20 rule either by splitting up the week or practicing it every day.   For example: 5-6 days a week we should be devoted to nourishing our bodies and minds through sculpting and training and cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients.  The other 1-2 days should be used for rest, recovery, and fun!  But remember these days are not meant for bingeing Doritos and Real Housewives, rather healthy fun

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