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Christian Nusom

Director of Training / Owner


Christian has been a trainer and coach collectively for 18 years. His passion for training first started as a track coach at Kellman Brown Academy in Cherry Hill, NJ in 2002. While coaching at the youth and high school levels, he has pushed all levels to reach their max potential by reaching regional and national levels of the Junior Olympics. One of his star athletes even placed 11th in the nation in the discus. Because of his lengthy experience and the amount of people that has crossed his path, Christian can help any demographic from all walks of life. With his knack for making things “interesting” for his clients during their workout, he can recognize the right exercise alternative for any person taking your workout to the next level with your ability. He is a student of the trade and continues to evolve his training to help his clients the best he can. Christian is currently working on becoming certified with Precision Nutrition as a nutrition Coach. He has found that nutrition is the key to unlocking the true potential that we all are looking for. His mantra is to trust the process and keep moving so you can be the best you can be! Certification: American sport and Fitness Association (ASFA), Muay Thai Fitness, and Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) certified. Strengths: Nutrition, Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, Cardiovascular Aerobic Training, Post Rehabilitation, Sport Specific Training, Speed Quickness and Agility Training

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