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Director of Operations / Owner


Ivory has owned and operated Essence Fitness Studio as lead trainer since 2014. As a former medical student, he has studied the human anatomy on various levels, including muscle physiology, muscle contraction, digestion and nutrition from a biochemical level. Ivory was an All-American Track & Field athlete at Fisk University, who now specializes in strength and speed development of athletes from various sports. He is an established educator with over 10 years of experience as a Health & Physical Education teacher. Ivory is a former NCAA head coach & assistant coach at the division II level. In 2018 he led the boys’ basketball team at The Kings Christian School to a HS national championship. Bosting a degree in Psychology has proven valuable in the area of connecting with clients and establishing strong interpersonal skills. Ivory has fostered much success in the area of building the client/trainer relationship to support all clients on their personal journey to improve their holistic health & wellness. Certification: American Sports & Fitness (ASFA) – Group & Personal Training Strengths: Sport Specific Training, Muscle Gains, Weight Loss, Aerobic Training, Post Rehabilitation, Diabetes, Speed & Quickness, and Agility Development

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