Asila Baldry

Asilo Yoga is the name of Asila’s style. Asilo - sanctuary, and yoga - meditation. So, her intention is to offer a sanctuary in which to meditate within asana practice. Asila’s journey into yoga began in 1995 when she stumbled onto some VHS tapes of Bryan Kest (founder of Power Yoga). While going through a difficult time In 2007, a person she hardly knew took her to her first yoga class at a studio. That class left her feeling empowered and would change her life. That point is one that she intends to hold close as she begins each class - the potential the practice has to deeply impact a person. Drawing from the experience of her own practice, she began teaching Yoga in 2008. Since then, she completed her 200-hour certification and attended 2 workshops plus an online teacher training with Bryan Kest. Those workshops and training were a very good reminder of what yoga is - the yoga (meditation) is primary and the asana (pose) is secondary; the pose only comes after a deep breath and a calm mind. Since we're all beautifully unique, the practice of yoga should embody that. Students are encouraged to make the practice as personal as possible. Yoga is not a practice of quantity, but rather a practice of the quality of touch. Giving from her heart and soul, with a sense of humor, and absolute love for sharing the multi-faceted practice of yoga is what Asila intends to bring to each class. All classes are approachable for everyone... “just do it all to your personal degree.” Every class is a beginner’s class because each time we’re a little different for that Self Care Session. It’s subtle but is there and that’s really the practice... to “dial-in” to the very subtle level of things and work with “what is” in that unique moment.