Cancellation Policy

Our In-Studio cancellation policy goes into effect only when a class is fully booked with a waiting list.  If a late cancellation is received or there is a no-show, the booking member may be assessed a $15 late/no-show fee.  Classes can be cancelled at no penalty up to six (6) hours before they start.

Our Virtual cancellation * policy is in effect at all times.  This means if you book a virtual class and do not attend, a No-Show fee of $15 will be assessed to the booking member.  Virtual classes can be cancelled at no penalty up to one (1) hour before they start.

*Explanation of virtual cancellation policy:

We take great pride in being able to deliver quality digital content live and on-demand as part of your membership benefits. Setting up a class to stream properly from our studio takes time and expertise. It requires staff to be trained on how to launch digital classes via our streaming software and digital mixing console. Digital classes are launched on our own tablet so that we can monitor video and sound quality and member engagement “chat” during the live stream cast. Besides labor, there is a cost in technology both on the hardware side and the software. The only time we will set up live streaming is when there is a virtual reservation. When you make a reservation and do not show up for the class, it turns into unproductive time for our staff.  We are happy to stream a class but only if there are viewers logged in and watching. If you decide last minute not to attend a class, we kindly ask that you cancel the reservation as soon as possible.  You can cancel a virtual reservation at no penalty up to 60 minutes before the start of the class.