Personal Training

What is Conditioning and Resistance Training (CART)?

CART is our guide to the physical training aspect of our cumulative wellness approach. We will host workouts to follow along with our certified trainers. Each week, there will be three complementary classes focusing on strength, cardio, and flexibility - the three pillars of a strong physical training program. For our FULL ACCESS subscribers, you will have access to all new classes and a full video library of sample exercises targeting different body parts. We will continue to add new exercises so you’ll never run out of options. On Demand subscribers will have access to our exclusive video library. We will have a trainer available in our members only online community group to answer any questions you may have throughout the programs. We will also host live Q&A sessions to increase your knowledge on how to continue through your fitness journey. A stronger you with TeamABA! 


Focus on Consistent, Healthy Movements for Overall Wellness:

All of the information available within our CART program will complement the skills being developed within our other two speciality programs, Behavior Nutrition Coaching and Total Wellness Coaching. We aim to increase your knowledge, confidence, consistency, and structure with the support of the TeamABA community. CART is one important piece in creating a lasting approach for your healthy lifestyle by focusing on each rep, set, and completed workout.


CART 101

All of our workouts can be followed at home, in the park, or wherever your personal device will take you. All classes are approximately 40 minutes (including the warm-up and cool-down) to bring a complete workout with efficiency, making it easier to fit your workout into your busy schedule. Schedule an hour for yourself before work, at lunch, or after crushing your day and still have a few minutes to grab a shower and a nutritious meal. 


Total Body Strength: Using minimal equipment, such as a small set of dumbbells (we recommend a light, medium, and heavy pair for your current strength) and resistance bands, this class will work your muscles and empower your body. Our trainers will take you through a full body circuit style workout, incorporating different exercises and paces each week to help you build lean muscle and burn fat.


Complete Conditioning: This is not your typical death by cardio. Using a variety of styles from week to week, we will keep your body moving and heart rate up to increase stamina and torch fat. Feel those lungs and heart working while our trainers keep you having FUN! 


Core Stability and Flexibility: After a few days of tough workouts, this class will help you actively recover from the previous workouts while also priming your body for upcoming progress. The ability to move your body in flexible patterns helps increase your strength and decrease your risk of injury. This class will utilize a combination of core strengthening exercises, controlled dynamic movements, and muscle lengthening techniques. We will help keep your body active, healthy, and efficient. There is power in the calm and strong! 


Benefits of CART

Make CART a part of your weekly routine and benefit from increased strength, energy, endurance, flexibility, and positive changes in body composition (toned muscles to body fat ratio). Whether you’re striving to look better, feel better, or just increase overall health, CART can be a key component for your recipe for success.

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